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Get more traffic to your website with our affordable banner and text ad packages. Your ad will be seen on a network of websites and control panels including this one. You can sign up and start shopping for the plan that suits your budget. Check out the plan prices below. No surprises.

Text Ad Packages:

1 month: $5.99
6 Months: $15.99
1 Year: $25.99

An example of how your will look is below.

NOTE: These are not pay-per-click ads. You can pay (once) for the package that suits your needs.

    Banner Ad Packages

    125x50 (Mini Ad): $6.50 1 Month, $10.50 6 Months, $15.50 1 Year
    125x125: $10.50 1 Month, $15.50 6 Months, $22.50 1 Year
    234x60: $11.50 1 Month, $17.50 6 Months, $25.50 1 Year
    468x60: $12.50 1 Month, $18.50 6 Months, $26.50 1 Year

    Mini ad example below

About YB Café Ads

YB Café Ads is a Banner and Text Ad promotion site that caters to every budget. There is no pay per click services provided. You can pay a onetime fee for your ads. Or you can add money to your account. The choice is yours. Just create an account and shop for the advertising packages you need. There is a little tutorial on how to get started at the Help Desk here.

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